Technoblue WordPress Themes

Technoblue WordPress Theme comes with the following features:* Widget Ready,cloud,adsense ready
Styleicious is a free WordPress theme which was recently released. It is fully compatible with wordpress 2.3.1 and has tagging and tag cloud enabled.
* Compatible with the latest WordPress version (Ver.2.3)
* 3 columns
* Yellow,pink,black Colour
* Right sidebar,Adsense ready,
* Valid XHTML and CSS Tested on:
* the following browsers: IE6, IE7, FireFox 2, Opera and Safari


Theme: Demo |
Theme: Download |
Author: wonder


2 Responses to “Technoblue WordPress Themes”

  1. Nandan Says:

    I tried it on my site at and I was expecting to see the stuff which is in the sidebar. I really like the way, the ‘search’ box has been beautifully alligned with subscribe links and the ad. Also the two rows of widgets.

    When I put it on my site, I dont get the things in my side bar. What do I need to do. Please help.


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